How to Clean Black Hills Silver

09 Sep

12K Black Hills Gold Leaves with Sterling Silver Grapes, Vines and Shank. Ring measures apprx. 3/8″ across.

All silver jewelry tarnishes because of compounds in the air. Black Hills silver jewelry make look especially dull because of its delicate carving, but it can be easily cleaned. Strong jewelry cleaners may damage your piece so use mild detergents instead.


Things You’ll Need

* Mild detergent Warm water Soft bristled toothbrush Soft cloth Mild Toothpaste
* 1
Mix mild dish detergent and warm water in a small container. If your Black Hills silver jewelry contains no semi-precious stones, such as pearls and opals, soak the pieces in the mixture for a few minutes. If your jewelry does have semi-precious stones, skip the detergent and just soak the pieces in warm water.
* 2
Use a soft bristled toothbrush to buff the dirt and tarnish off of your jewelry. Be sure to clean the hidden crevices, such as the area underneath the stone mountings.
* 3
Rinse the detergent off your jewelry and the toothbrush. Make sure no detergent residue remains.
* 4

Dry your jewelry with a soft cloth.
* 5
If your jewelry is especially tarnished, coat it with a mild toothpaste such as regular Crest or Colgate using a toothbrush. Do not apply toothpaste if your jewelry contains semi-precious stones.
* 6
Let the toothpaste set on the jewelry for a few minutes before rinsing it off. Use a soft cloth to gently dry the piece of jewelry. If you like, you can use a silver-polishing cloth, but it’s not required.

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